Fonefix is an Apple Authorised Service Provider offering warranty and out-of-warranty repair services for the entire Apple product range including but not limited to, iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, iMacs, AirPods, and Beats.

All repairs are conducted by an Apple-certified technician, so you can trust us with all your Apple devices and get them back working the way they should. Our Apple-trained technicians use Apple-approved diagnostics and tools on every repair. And we only use genuine Apple parts. This means that all our repairs are Apple-certified and backed by Apple.


Fonefix are Samsung repair experts. We are an official Samsung authroised service centre in New Zealand, approved to carry out warranty and out-of-warranty repairs on behalf of Samsung. Our technicians have been fully trained by Samsung and can provide Samsung Galaxy display replacements, battery, back cover/glass, and charging port replacements, and several more Samusung repairs.

Our experienced technicians have the manufacturer-approved tools, premium parts, and expert know-how to get your device back to 100%.

We are able to service majority Samsung products such as Galaxy mobile phones, smartwatches, Galaxy tablets and earphones.


As the only authorised Motorola service provider in New Zealand, Fonefix serves customers throughout the entire country with authorised warranty and out-of-warranty repair services.

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New Zealand's only authorised service provider for Alcatel mobile phones, our Alcatel technicians can perform warranty and out-of-warranty repairs for almost all Alcatel mobiles sold into the New Zealand market using genuine parts and approved processes.

LG Phones

Fonefix is LG’s New Zealand authorised service provider for mobile devices, we use official LG parts and processes to complete repairs, note, we are only able to repair LG mobile phones, for other LG product categories please contact LG directly.

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