Frequently Asked Questions

No, we have a walk-in facility that allows you to come in without the need to book an appointment.

Please note, depending on how busy we are, there might be a chance where you are required to wait in our reception until you are attended to.

Yes, for all our repairs we only use manufacturer-supplied parts – Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, Alcatel, etc.

We charge an assessment fee when the device, fault, or requested service is not covered under your manufacturer warranty.

The assessment fee is to cover the cost of labour spent on your device.

If you have paid an assessment fee and your repair/service was covered by the manufacturer, then Fonefix will refund you the assessment fee.

How can I book a repair for insurances purposes?

If you are wanting to repair your device but would like your insurance company to cover the repair costs then we can help you with that,

Click here to book a repair, select your device, and proceed to choose "Insurance - General" as the repair type.

By doing this, you will unlock fields that are specific to the Insurance repair process, we just need to know who is your insurer and your claim number.

How long would it take to assess the device?

In most cases, we are able to provide an insurance report within 1-2 hours of receiving the device depending on a technician's availability.

How long does it take you to repair the device?

The turnaround time is normally stated on the insurance report/quote, once your insurance company has given us approval, we will then start the repairs process.

In most cases, we are able to complete the repairs on the same day, however, if it's an Apple device that is required to be replaced under Apple's service exchange program then it will take approx 3-5 working days.

What devices can you repair?

Please click here to see which brands we support and what devices we repair.

Insurance Assessment Fee

For Mac/IT products (laptops), the fee to provide an insurance assessment is $90.00 incl GST, for other devices that don't fall under Mac/IT products, the fee to provide an insurance assessment is $50.00 incl GST.

In some cases, this fee is covered by your insurer depending on your insurer and your policy, please contact your insurer to find out who is liable for this fee.

Who do I pay the excess fee to?

With all insurance claims, the customer is required to pay an excess fee (amount is dependent on your policy), in some cases Insurance companies prefer Fonefix to collect the excess amount, in other cases you pay your insurer directly.

This will be confirmed by your insurer at the time of approval.

As an authorised service provider, we have certified technicians that use only genuine manufacturer-supplied parts and approved repair methods and tools.

This translates to higher repair costs due to superior workmanship and parts used.

In many cases, Fonefix tends to fix issues caused by devices being repaired by an uncertified repair shop.

Click here to view a Stuff news article about the dangers of getting your device repaired by uncertified shops.

If you live outside Auckland and would like us to repair your device, you can simply courier the device to our main technical centre at:

5/501 Mt Wellington Highway, Mt Wellington, Auckland, 1060

If you prefer us to organise a courier for you, then you can choose this option when you submit your repair in our online booking system (delivery fees apply)

Under the Consumer Guarantees Act, the customer has a right to seek a remedy for their faulty product.

In all cases, Fonefix will do everything it can to provide assistance in terms of technicians' reports, photos, recommendations, etc to the manufacturer or retailer, but the final decision is up to either the manufacturer or retailer as to what is the remedy.

For more information regarding CGA, please click here

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