Motorola Authorised Service Provider

As the only authorised Motorola service provider in New Zealand, Fonefix serves customers throughout the entire country with authorized warranty and out-of-warranty repair services.

How do I get my device repaired?

There are several ways you can get your device repaired by us, it's all dependent on what is convenient for you:

  • Option 1: Drop off your device at our main technical centre in Mt Wellington, Auckland.

  • Option 2: Book your device online and courier the device straight to our technical centre.

Assessment Fee

An assessment fee is applicable to any out-of-warranty repair, this includes repairs originally classed as in-warranty but was later found to have evidence of physical damage, liquid damage, or the fault is not covered by Motorola warranty.

On mobile phone repairs, we charge a $40.00 inspection fee. This covers our initial inspection, diagnosis, and troubleshooting service, carried out by our Motorola-certified technicians. The $40.00 can be then credited towards the cost of your out-of-warranty repair (if you choose to accept our quote).

Mobile Phones

All phone repairs are conducted by Motorola-trained technicians using only genuine parts, approved diagnostics, and processes.

With mobile phone repairs, we can usually carry out the repairs at our technical centre, which takes approx. 1-3 working hours.

*Repair time may be longer depending on a technician or part availability.

If your screen is faulty, cracked, or damaged, we can replace the entire display assembly for you under warranty or out of warranty depending on device warranty eligibility.

If your battery is not lasting as long as it used to, your battery may need replacing, we can perform battery replacements under warranty (if applicable) or as an out-of-warranty paid service.

Note* If your phone will simply not turn on, this may not be a battery-related issue.

If your back cover or glass has suffered physical damage, we can replace this for you, generally, the back glass will also cover the rear camera lens, in certain cases, only a back glass is required to be replaced if you have damaged the camera lens (only if the camera module remains undamaged).

We can also carry out other repairs such as the rear camera, charging port, mic and loudspeaker, depending on the confirmed fault or damage.

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